About us

We are a non-partisan organization that protects the interests of citizens in democracies. We believe in improving and strengthening this government system.

Political Independence

The members of Ciudadanía Inteligente are not apolitical, but quite the opposite: we think of good policy as a fundamental tool of social transformation, and as such, we propose to generate adequate incentives for the policy to work well, looking for those who hold representative positions popular are due to its citizens, and not to other private interests.

Inside Ciudadanía Inteligente there are members of different political tendencies, however, as an organization we do not ascribe to any political party or movement. To ensure our total independence, Intelligent Citizen does not receive financing from the Government, nor from Parties, nor from any trade union organization that has political interests. Likewise, by means of a rigorous process, we make sure that all our investigations and reports are based on solid and transparent methodologies, open to the scrutiny of those who want to control us. The political allegiance of Smart Citizen is placed in the citizens, and in the care and deepening of democracy as a system of government.