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We are an inclusive and feminist organization that fights for social justice and the transformation of democracies.

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Be part of the collective construction of neighbourhoods and communities in your municipality with our digital and methodological tools.

<A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms

Be part of the global alliance for Inclusive Algorithms to combat the biases reproduced by Artificial Intelligence.


Do you have information on bribery cases in Chile? Report safely and anonymously through our platform.


Review information from our Latin American summit that gathered more than 100 activists to reflect on Political Violence, Kleptocracy, Technology and Climatic Crisis.

Vigilantes por la infancia Chile

Check out these figures and graphics showing how the privileges of a few foster inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean.

From Saying to the Fact

Find information in our study on how much our governments fulfill the legislative promises made in their programs and public account speeches.

Advocacy School

Join our emerging leaderships’ school. Here you can strengthen your advocacy skills and generate real social change.

Raise Your Hand

Platform promoting participation and civic education among children and teenagers promoting the creation of proposals to address issues faced by their school or local context.

Me Representa

Know here which candidates are committed with human rights and which better represent your political stances during electoral periods.

Black Women Decide

Check the information on the Black Women Decide campaign and the data and the underrepresentation of black women in Brazilian politics.

No More Bribery

Help us stop corruption, fight for more transparency, and secure that our democracy serves the general interest, and not privileged groups.

Rio por Inteiro

Check which candidates are committed with citizen proposals in Brazil.


Report anonymously violent manifestations and hate speech during electoral processes in Brazil. The reports will be redirect to the Federal Public Ministry.

Childhood Watchers Chile

Check the chilean Government's level of compliance on the commitments made in the National Agreement for Children.

Vote Smart

Create and support proposals, during electoral processes, that will be sent to candidates so that they can incorporate them in their government programs.


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