Articulation for advocacy

We deliver tools for planning and monitoring. Our methodologies help to define advocacy objectives from diversity, and they also build networks of interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve goals.

Stance comparison

Platform that shows in a friendly way the stances of two institutions or entities on a topic, and how much they agree or disagree.

Participatory elections

Platforms for elections that allows citizens to raise their proposals and push candidates to pledge to execute them.

Activist Training

We train young leaders that will change their communities and the world with our public advocacy methodologies.

Local governments close to their communities

Digital and methodological tools to bring closer the work of municipalities to citizens, boosting the collective construction of neighborhoods.

Children and Youth Participation

Website accompanied by a methodology especially designed for children and teenagers to raise their proposals in a clear and sistematized way.

Transparent profiles

A tool built for electoral processes that allows citizens to know different candidates through a short questionnaire.


Web platform and methodology that measures and displays the fulfillment of promises made by authorities.