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  • Developing technological tools that promote citizen participation.
  • Disseminate our campaigns through international media to push representatives to build more just, inclusive societies.
  • Deliver methodological tools to emerging young leaders who fight for social justice and the transformation of democracies.

Ciudadanía Inteligente is an organization with more than 10 years of experience, non-profit and that has the certificate of the Fundación Lealtad. Organization that awarded us with results of excellence in the criteria of the evaluation of transparency and good practices.

Be part of our great community that fights to strengthen democracies. Today we live in times of uncertainty, but in Ciudadanía Inteligente we are moved by a single certainty: That together we are stronger.

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Porque nuestro compromiso con la probidad y la transparencia es absoluto, todas las donaciones hechas a Ciudadanía Inteligente son públicas a través de nuestra lista mensual de aportantes, donde se registra el nombre y apellido de cada donante. Así, podemos seguir contribuyendo a fortalecer las democracias en América Latina de forma independiente y sin riesgos de conflictos de interés.

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